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What do you do with a closed down Walmart?

Well if you live in McAllen, Texas you convert the 124,500 sqft “big box” into the largest single floor library in the US. Now i’ve only ever been in to one Walmart before and although it was quite impressive in its size i would definitely prefer a library that was as big. Just imagine how many book you could get in there…

The LA Times reports:

McAllen is near the southernmost tip of Texas, on the Mexico border. “In a city like McAllen, with cartel violence across the river (less than 10 miles away from the library), I think it’s amazing that the city is devoting resources to a) not only saving a large and conspicuous piece of property from decline and vandalism, but b) diverting those resources into youth and the public trust,” Ramirez writes. “It’s easy to fall into drugs, drinking, and violence when you live on the border. It’s not really easy to find a place to hang out when you’re 14 that’s not the mall, the movies, or Mexico. And a giant library — a cool-looking open space devoted to entertaining the imagination? Well, I think that’s the best counter-move against violence imaginable. And you don’t even have to wait for a computer now.”

Via Boing Boing

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