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Now i’m not sure how you they got away with this but hats off to them. When stranded overnight at the Dallas Fort-Worth airport,  Joe Ayala and a friend filmed themselves acting like kids in the terminal that for one night was their hotel room. You just have to wonder where all the security was whilst these two were fannying about though.


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Then & Now: Hybrid Images of a Deserted School in Detroit


Now these photo mash ups are just great. To imagine a building as it once was is one thing but to actually get to see it juxtaposed against the dilapidated building it now is is something altogether different.


DetroitUrbex has documented the passage of time superbly in this series of collages that show historical use and present conditions in abandoned structures through the lens of students and teachers overlaid with the haunting shots of an urban explorer.


The hybrid results span decades, including a combination of more-recent colour photographs and archival black-and-white ones, capturing ordinary activities and everyday people and putting them in a strange and haunting context.

A beautiful set of Photos, i especially like the one of the corridor. Amazing!!

Via WebUrbanist

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Sweden needs you’re Rubbish

Sweden is famous for Ikea, the Nobel Prize, and a historical avoidance of war amongst other things and now it can add importing rubbish to the list. Sweden is running dangerously low on household and industrial waste and is going to start buying it from other countries.

According to the country’s Waste Management site, two million tons of waste is converted to heat and electricity each year, with only 4% of the nation’s trash ending up in landfills. But it’s not enough:

Due to its efficiency in converting waste to renewable energy, Sweden has recently begun importing around 800,000 tons of trash annually from other countries.

Norway is now paying Sweden to take its garbage. Swedish sights are also set on Bulgaria, Romania and Italy as future trash exporters, as Catarina Ostlund, a senior advisor for the country’s environmental protection agency, told PRI. Those countries rely heavily on landfills – a highly inefficient and environmentally degrading system.

Compare this to the United States, which recycles about 34% of the 250 million tons of trash generated per year. The majority of the rest is landfilled.

Via Neatorama

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Taking the Green Road

This is very cool indeed!! I just wonder why more hasn’t been made of it in heavily polluted areas. From Gizmodo:

Cars create a lot of pollution, but one in Chicago doesn’t just give them free passage; it also cleans up after them. This street’s special pavement actually feeds on smog.

The two-mile stretch of Cermak Road and Blue Island Avenue, now being billed as “the greenest street in America,” is paved with something called photocatalytic cement. This cement is covered with tiny titanium dioxide particles that can remove nitrogen oxide gases from the air above it. It also works as a permeable filter when it rains, taking a bit of the pressure off of Chicago’s sometimes stressed sewer system.

The street that’s been treated with this stuff could probably use the help; Cermak Road is a popular route for truckers, and runs through a generally industrial area, past an inactive coal power plant. It’s not exactly the kind of neighborhood you associate with fresh air. It’s only a pilot program at the moment, but if the cement lives up to its potential, it could serve as a great, passive way for roads to deal with at least some of the pollution caused by the hulking machines that constantly drive over them.

Via Gizmodo

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See-Through Solar Panels

New technologies have a greater chance at being accepted and embraced when they’re easy to adopt. And to help the spread of solar power Sharp has developed a new see-through solar cell, allowing them to be used as architectural accents that blend into a building.

So instead of having to cover a roof or fill a property with an array of unsightly panels pointed at the sun, these new cells can be used as protective railings on a balcony, or even as regular windows in places where complete visibility isn’t a necessity. However, besides being just semi-transparent, the new panels only output about 95 watts of energy at around 6.8 percent efficiency. And when you compare that to the 20 percent efficiency boasted by some of the most advanced panels in use today, there are some obvious trade-offs to the new technology. But every little bit helps, and Sharp plans to roll out the solar panels starting October 1 in Japan. As for the rest of the world? Hopefully shortly thereafter.

Via Gizmodo

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99 Problems (Explicit Political Remix)

Now this mash up video is just brilliant!! The video is by Diran Lyons and is the winner of the  Pirate Flix Video Remix contest. In it he has used clips from Obama speeches to create a new version of Jay-z’s 99 problems. Just think how long it must of taken him to get all those sound bites, I’m not sure I would have the patience. Enjoy!!

P.s. The original song that Jay-z has sampled from is Ice-t’s 99 problems which in my opinion is the better song so i thought I’d add that as well for your pleasure:-

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Bahama Crisis by Desmond Bagley

The book revolves around Tom Mangan and  a series of seemingly unrelated disasters which threaten the future of the Bahamas. Tom Mangan is very successful businessman, who runs luxury hotels in the sun-soaked Bahamas. All is going well for him until his family suddenly disappear when on a boat journey to Miami. After this incident a series of and mysterious epidemics begin to drive the tourists away and wreck Mangan’s livelihood.

Now i’ve read quite a few Desmond Bagley books (i’d say about 7 of his 16 books) and enjoyed them all, this one included. I’ve actually just looked through my section on the bookshelf of unread books and found two more, which is all good as  I enjoy his writing style which is rather quick paced but this suits the thriller books he writes. All i all a smashing read and another happy reader.


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