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Around The Globe Tour Mix by Sampology (DJ Mix)


I’ve posted a Sampology mix before called Bruceocolypse which has been a firm favourite of mine over the last few months. Anyway i though it best to go back and check what the Australian has been up to and lo and behold he’s come out with another treat for us all to get down to. Hats off my man!!

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irked vol 11 – Christmas Attack Zone by DJ Irk (DJ Mix)


Now i know we are passed Christmas but I’ve just got around to listening to this absolute stormer of a mix from DJ Irk and definitely worth turning up and freaking out to. From the man himself:

Had some time on my hands when I finished making the mix, so I went back and turned the scratch skits in to short videos, using the original TV and film footage. Here they are, check em out!…

Video 1: vimeo.com/54950048 – Intro
Video 2: vimeo.com/54607972 – Bad Santa Baby
Video 3: vimeo.com/55673076 – A Trailer Park Boys Christmas
Video 4: vimeo.com/54877257 – A Monty Python Mashup


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Dirty Jazz – A funky blue joint mix by Question & Kidragon (DJ Mix)


If your up for some slow soul drenched Jazz for your Monday then this is it. I’ve just finished listening to it and am now considering listening to it again whilst i cook my lunch but i won’t due to the fact i’ve got such a backlog of stuff i want to listen to. Anyway, enjoy!!

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Dj MoneyShot – Natural Selection (DJ Mix)



Dj Moneyshot has been a firm favourite of mine ever since i found a mixtape of his on the internet a few years a go and this mix is no different. Another bobby belter from the mixtape king!! Check out more of his stuff here.

About this mix from djnodj:-

We @ Tunawax & djnodj.com have long held the belief that a basic measure of a good dj is that they are not bound to a genre or a bpm. It’s straight up garbage to listen to an hour set of one type of music that doesn’t change tempo. You ever see a “DJ” play a song and then flip the record to play the B Side from the same artist??? No? Well that’s becasue all your djs play computers now. I’m not hating, I’m just saying… It’s one of the reason’s we’ve been down with DJ Moneyshot and his well done mixtapes (Previously posted); he’s got skill and know how to keep it interesting. Another factor in the mix is track selection and obviously we’re the best at that, so I’m tickled as tiny titties that Mr. Moneyshot himself has dug through our library of posted songs and put together what might just be the best mixtape EVR, EVR. I know you’re thinking I’m bias, right? Well I’m not….erm… um… ok, I am bias.  But sheeeit bish, this is perhaps the most winningest collab since poles & girls with daddy issues!!! Presenting: DJ Moneyshot – Natural Selection (From the Files of DJnoDJ.com)

I can’t share this mix here but if you head over to the link you can listen and download to your hearts content.



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The Mystery’s in the Mix (10.8.96)

The Mystery’s in the Mix (10.8.96)

So, after getting hold of some of my old mixtapes I thought it best to digitise them so that such important cultural milestones can be preserved for future generations to enjoy before the tapes corrupted and became unplayable. This frothy little mix is from ’96 (so 2 years later than my previous installment) and I was glad to see there was at least a small improvement in skills.

I think my favourite thing about this is that I even have the hand crafted tape cover which I’d obviously created on a computer using clipart. But at least i’d gone to the trouble of doing a track listing. Just in case you have a burning desire to find out the name of any particularly frivolous early 90’s house songs. Enjoy!

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Dj Kentaro + DK – Solid Steel Radio Show 3/8/2012 Part 3 + 4 (DJ Mix)

DJ Kentaro and DK, what more could you ask for!! From Ninja Tune:

The mighty DJ Kentaro, gold medalist in the DMC World Championships and our number one DJ who has also released his own Solid Steel mix CD. This mix celebrates the release of his new album ‘Contrast’ mixing up tracks from the album alongside music from Foreign Beggars, The Revolutionaries, Rusko and Slugabed in his own inimitable style. 
DK continues with a vaguely sporting related mix to end the show featuring Gil Scott-Heron and Baby Huey on the Athletics track, Oh No Ono and Arthur Russell in the Aquatics centre and John Klemmer on top of the podium.

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WHAT ABOUT BOB? by Bryx (DJ Mix)

I’ve had this mix on my MP3 player for a while now and i have to say its a firm favourite. From Bryx:

Got Inspired to make this mix after sitting in bed sick as hell going thru old VHS tapes and finding a Bob Ross – Joy Of Painting Episode. Needless to say i fell in love with Bob Ross.. and decided to make this as a throw back to him.. The mix turned out to be the the exact length of a Joy of Painting episode.. Yea! 
Hope you enjoy!

If you’ve never seen Bob Ross before check out the video below and bathe in his dulcet tones:

There is also this:

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