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London’s Burning (Again)

I’ve been trying to write this post for ages but couldn’t get the bits of video off my computer but luckily now i can.

There i was minding my own business sat at my computer slaving away at some mind numbing work when my house mate returns telling me that there is smoke coming out of the house three doors away. I quickly rose from my seat to take a look out of the window and lo and behold she was right. At this point it didn’t look like there was to much of a problem maybe just a fire in the back garden or maybe the first fire of the winter in the hearth,. Oh how wrong i was! Out of nowhere 6 fire engines pull up and all of a sudden flames start appearing, this was not a good sign.

Four hours later and the house which once stood so proud is an empty shell of a thing smouldering away in the cold winter night. I have to say i was most impressed with the fire men who looked like absolute machines when it came to getting the job done and some of the toys these boys had would make an army of grown men cry. I just feel really sorry for the woman and children who live there that had to find somewhere else to spend their Christmas holidays. I hope they had a good Christmas anyway!!

Anyway check the video below, sorry it doesn’t have any sound but i was jabbering away and my dulcet tones only detract from the footage:


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The Mystery’s in the Mix (10.8.96)

The Mystery’s in the Mix (10.8.96)

So, after getting hold of some of my old mixtapes I thought it best to digitise them so that such important cultural milestones can be preserved for future generations to enjoy before the tapes corrupted and became unplayable. This frothy little mix is from ’96 (so 2 years later than my previous installment) and I was glad to see there was at least a small improvement in skills.

I think my favourite thing about this is that I even have the hand crafted tape cover which I’d obviously created on a computer using clipart. But at least i’d gone to the trouble of doing a track listing. Just in case you have a burning desire to find out the name of any particularly frivolous early 90’s house songs. Enjoy!

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Beauty & the Beast – DJ Claymore

Beauty & the Beast – DJ Claymore – From way back in 1994!

I needed to find a particular old mixtape from the early 90’s for a project i’m working on and so put the word out to a few old friends who would possibly still have a stash of such items to see if they could find what I was looking for. Not only did i turn up trumps with what I was looking for but managed to come up with a few of my old tapes from when I was but a child. I took my djing more seriously back then and was, as you’ll hear, firmly into house. I can probably scratch no better now than I could then but god loves a trier. As it was the early 90’s there is no Traktor or Serato involved so it was purely me and some vinyl on my trust 1210’s. They don’t make them like they used to. At least that’s what i’m saying and i’m sticking to it…

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Armin Blasbichler’s Amazing Home

I just saw this house on design sponge and absolutely love some of the finishes. Just take a look at the door with the pantone references – How cool is that? I would love that door.

Here is a little more about the house:

On a recent trip to Italy, London-based writer and founding editor of Domestic Sluttery, Sian Meades, had the opportunity to visit Armin Blasbichler’s home in South Tyrol. Designed to look like the ubiquitous log stacks in local fields. Across South Tyrol in northern Italy, log stacks (or “musls,” as they’re known locally) sit in fields across the lush landscape. Ever since architect Armin Blasbichler was a child, he had the idea to build a house that looked just like the log stacks and let the home blend into the scenery that he had grown up with. The result is der Muslhaufen, which sits in Lüsen, not far from the Dolomites.

Via Design Sponge

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Invisible hotel room

Ascend through the straight, tall trees in a northern Swedish woodland on a suspended rope bridge to a trompe l’oeil getaway that is barely discernible from its environment. The Tree Hotel by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter is a mirrored glass box that reflects the forest, making it as unobtrusive as possible in this peaceful natural setting.

Step inside and you’ll find a thoughtfully laid out haven in the sky, ideal for an intimate twosome, lined in pale plywood and housing a double bed, table and chairs, and even a small bathroom. Guests can even access the roof for a full immersion into the landscape.

The 12-foot-square cube balances upon a single support pole and is strapped to a tree for support, and it does not appear that the tree has been affected. The architects covered the mirrored glass in transparent ultraviolet stickers that are invisible to our eyes, but will prevent birds from unwittingly smashing against the structure.

Via Webecoist

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The Red House Mystery – A.A. Milne

Another of the books i managed to read whilst in hospital The red house mystery is A.A. Milne’s only ever detective story, which is a shame as i really enjoyed this book. A.A. Milne who is probably best known for his books about Winnie-the-Pooh could obviously write for many genres as he was originally Assistant editor for Punch magazine and also a respected author of both plays and novels, including The red house mystery before becoming world famous with his loveable stories about Winnie-the-pooh.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been made into a one off TV special as it would be perfect for a Sunday afternoon.  As with all detective novels in this this vain i always try to guess the culprit and although i did get the correct person, i got it for the wrong reasons. Thank heavens i’m not a detective then, i don’t think my reasoning would stand up in a court of law.


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Amazing space saving ideas

Watch this video for some of the coolest ways to save space in a minute little apartment. I have a friend who lives in Hong Kong and i’m sure she would love to live in this place. I’ve only seen pictures of her apartment and i say apartment loosely as its more like the size of a garden shed and even then i’m being generous.Sadly though i don’t think i could live in this apartment as i’m just far to messy.

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