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Codeword Golden Fleece by Dennis Wheatley

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again Dennis Wheatley is an amazing writer and i don’t think i’ve read a bad book, in fact even a mediocre one. I’ve lost count at how many books i read by him now but i know i’ve still got a load more which pleases me immensely. Anyway back to the book at hand.

Codeword Golden fleece begins with the start of the Second World War. The Duke de Richleau and his friends Simon Aron, Rex van Ryn and Richard Eaton find themselves before the outbreak of hostilities involved in a conspiracy which could change how quickly the war could be won. The group of friends are carried along in a desperate attempt to sabotage Hitler’s war economy and force Germany to ask for peace before she can muster her full might for an assault on Western Europe.

Here is some information relating to the the book via a Dennis Wheatley website:

(1963 Arrow): It can now be revealed that the plot of Codeword–Golden Fleece is based on fact. Actually, it was given to Dennis Wheatley when he was a member of the Joint Planning Staff of the War Cabinet by a Foreign Office colleague there. On behalf of the Allied governments a French nobleman did actually succeed in acquiring a controlling interest in the Danube oil barges and their tugs. The Germans failed with the Vichy government in an action for its return and half the Fleet had been got out to Turkish waters. Supplies of fuel for the Luftwaffe were seriously crippled by this ingenious secret stroke.

This was a great book and one that i immensely enjoyed. I really can’t sing Dennis Wheatley’s praises enough and to think the only reason why i started reading his books was because i found one in a bargain bin of a charity shop. His writing is very descriptive and drags you in to his world till the very end. A great writer and a great book.


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The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

Now i wasn’t sure what i was getting with this book as it was given to me as a birthday present. I have to say i thought it was some love story but i found out to my surprise that its actually a tale based during the 1850s Gold Rush about two brothers, Charlie and Eli Sisters. The brothers are two hired guns who are given the task to kill one Herman Kermit Warm but things don’t go as planned for the brothers.

The hard part of doing a book review sometimes is trying to say something about the book without actually giving anything away about the story (mainly because I enjoyed it so much and wouldn’t want to spoil it). Suffice it to say the infamy of the brothers is well deserved although they both go about things very differently. Charlie is quick and cruel whilst Eli has his back covered – and always has done. Their quest for Mr Warm finally brings them to the California coast where they need to work out exactly what to do when they come across the reason for their being sent after Mr Warm.

I really enjoyed the style of writing in this book and found it both descriptive and enjoyable to read. I’d be surprised if this wasn’t turned into a film as it has a very cinematic quality about it and, in the right hands, would work on the big screen very well. In fact, I may very well seek out more by Mr De Witt…


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They used dark forces by Dennis Wheatley

They used dark forces’ is another brilliant Dennis wheatley book – there i’ve said it. I have to say he is fast becoming one of my favourite authors the more i read his books, any thats no mean feat. Usually the more you read of an author the less exciting the books seem to be as they come to read much like the last.

This book’s main character is Gregory Sallust who on a night in June 1943 parachutes into Nazi Germany. His objective is to find information on Hitlers new secret weapon the “V” rockets. But before he can find out anything he meets Ibrahim Malacou hypnotist, astrologer and satanist. Gregory does not yet know that Malacou and himself will have a long a difficult partnership lasting to the very end of the war. Sustained by their hatred of the Nazis Malacou and Gregory cross paths a number of times in the ultimate goal of defeating the Nazis ending with Hitlers final days and the fall of Berlin. The only trouble is, was Gregory’s decision to use occult forces to destroy Hitler the correct one or will it destroy him first.

This book is like all the other Dennis Wheatley books that i’ve read and that is simply –  a great read.


Here are some audio clips by and about Dennis Wheatley from the BBC including his letter of “Posterity”.

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Who’s who? Csar Nicholas II & King George V

Can you guess which is which?

Czar Nicholas II of Russia and King George V of England. Their portraits appear on many postage stamps and it is difficult to distinguish between the two men. Can you pick who’s who from this photo? The man on the left is the Czar: the uniforms may have fooled you but the royal cousins swapped them for the occasion!

Oh ho ho ho bet they thought they were so tricksy.

Via The Ornamented Being

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London Pirate Radio – Documentary

Now here is a sweet little documentary about pirate radio stations in London. Its interesting to see how dedicated and tech savvy theses guys are and were. I even had a go once, lots of fun i have to say but we were nothing compared to these guys…

Go check it out here

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