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Solid Steel Mix by Dj Food


Some old school hip hop to get you going for the weekend. From the Solid Steel:

DJ Food turns back the clock in our 25th Anniversary slot and following a request for an old school Hip Hop set for the De:Tuned party in Antwerp earlier this week, Strictly Kev put this special party mix together to rock the dancefloor. Solid Steel however gets an exclusive to kick things off in the form of excerpts from his first ever recorded mix, unheard by anyone except close friends and hidden on tape for 25 years.
Back in ’87 his DJ (and graffiti) name was D-Vice and the ‘Soundlab mix’ (named after his 2nd mixer, made by Soundlab) was made between 1987-88 on his first two belt-driven decks (only one with a pitch control) and a pause button tape deck. A Strictly Old School Special.


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Dj MoneyShot – Natural Selection (DJ Mix)



Dj Moneyshot has been a firm favourite of mine ever since i found a mixtape of his on the internet a few years a go and this mix is no different. Another bobby belter from the mixtape king!! Check out more of his stuff here.

About this mix from djnodj:-

We @ Tunawax & djnodj.com have long held the belief that a basic measure of a good dj is that they are not bound to a genre or a bpm. It’s straight up garbage to listen to an hour set of one type of music that doesn’t change tempo. You ever see a “DJ” play a song and then flip the record to play the B Side from the same artist??? No? Well that’s becasue all your djs play computers now. I’m not hating, I’m just saying… It’s one of the reason’s we’ve been down with DJ Moneyshot and his well done mixtapes (Previously posted); he’s got skill and know how to keep it interesting. Another factor in the mix is track selection and obviously we’re the best at that, so I’m tickled as tiny titties that Mr. Moneyshot himself has dug through our library of posted songs and put together what might just be the best mixtape EVR, EVR. I know you’re thinking I’m bias, right? Well I’m not….erm… um… ok, I am bias.  But sheeeit bish, this is perhaps the most winningest collab since poles & girls with daddy issues!!! Presenting: DJ Moneyshot – Natural Selection (From the Files of DJnoDJ.com)

I can’t share this mix here but if you head over to the link you can listen and download to your hearts content.



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I haven’t heard of anything by Mystikal for years and then this Gem pops in to my life! What a bobby belter of a tune!!

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99 Problems (Explicit Political Remix)

Now this mash up video is just brilliant!! The video is by Diran Lyons and is the winner of the  Pirate Flix Video Remix contest. In it he has used clips from Obama speeches to create a new version of Jay-z’s 99 problems. Just think how long it must of taken him to get all those sound bites, I’m not sure I would have the patience. Enjoy!!

P.s. The original song that Jay-z has sampled from is Ice-t’s 99 problems which in my opinion is the better song so i thought I’d add that as well for your pleasure:-

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First Serve – The Goon Time Mixtape (DJ Mix)

A great little mix to get you in the mood and give you that good Friday feeling. Turn it up and freak out!!

From Soundcloud:

First Serve is the brainchild of French producers/ DJ’s, 2 & 4 (aka Chokolate & Kahlid), who met as master turntablists at the 2004 DMC Championship. After an instant meeting of minds they decided to embark on a musical adventure – a Hip Hop album played by musicians. All they needed was a couple of MC’s to help complete their vision. Enter NY based Jacob ‘Pop’ Life and Deen ‘D’ Whitter.

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Walls Notebook: Legal Graffiti in Sketchbook Format

I have to say i have partaken in the occasional act of graffiti in my time and i enjoyed it like you can’t believe. I understand its not for everyone but this book could change all that:

For graffiti artists, part of the thrill is doing something illicit, something secret that carries a threat. There are plenty of artists and doodlers who would love to express their creativity on walls, trains and other city surfaces but don’t have the desire for mayhem that is so necessary for graffiti artists. For those folks, the Walls Notebook should prove to be a fairly terrific substitute.

The Walls Notebook gives you pages upon pages of walls upon which to scrawl your name, doodle stick figures, draw rude pictures or add literally any type of adornment that strikes your fancy.

The pages of the notebook bear pictures of NYC walls, trains, vehicles and all sorts of other urban scenes. You can leave your distinctive mark on every one of them and feel like a true graffiti master when you’re done.

This beefy 160-page notebook provides plenty of space for taking out your frustration with the man or just honing your bubble lettering skills. Anyone who has ever looked at a clean, untouched train car and though “Man, that would make one sweet canvas” can now make that dream come true for about $17. Not a bad deal, and certainly cheaper than bail.

Via weburbanist

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DJ MAMA doggy scratch

We don’t need no crab scratches, we need some dog scratches!! Now I’m not sure if this is real but if it is it certainly puts a few DJ’s i know to shame…

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