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Solid Steel Mix by Dj Food


Some old school hip hop to get you going for the weekend. From the Solid Steel:

DJ Food turns back the clock in our 25th Anniversary slot and following a request for an old school Hip Hop set for the De:Tuned party in Antwerp earlier this week, Strictly Kev put this special party mix together to rock the dancefloor. Solid Steel however gets an exclusive to kick things off in the form of excerpts from his first ever recorded mix, unheard by anyone except close friends and hidden on tape for 25 years.
Back in ’87 his DJ (and graffiti) name was D-Vice and the ‘Soundlab mix’ (named after his 2nd mixer, made by Soundlab) was made between 1987-88 on his first two belt-driven decks (only one with a pitch control) and a pause button tape deck. A Strictly Old School Special.


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Embroidered Wine Stains


Amelia Harnas creates these delicate portraits using a combination of embroidery and wine stains. A waste of wine some might say but as i don’t like wine and the fact it only brings out the bad in me i can’t think of anything better to do with the stuff. From her website :

These portraits are created either by using a wax resist (much like batiks) and repeated wine stains with embroidery as a reinforcing drawing over the original design or wine on paper with machine sewing. These are my first experiments using wine, and I am excited to continue expanding upon these first results.

Via Colossal

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Edible, Playable Chocolate Record


Now this is something straight out of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the chocolate factory, a baker from Fife has created an edible yet playable chocolate record. Wonders will never cease!!

Via Neatorama

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Sugar pills

These sweets called Popping Candy Placebos are clear pill gels filled with little candy beads. They use to say a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down but now you don’t even need the spoon just more medication. I think these are absolute amazing, so much so i think i might have to go and buy some…..Oh wait i’m diabetic. Damn!!!

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Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix by DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot and DJ Food (DJ Mix)

Now i know this is two music posts in a row but this with this stunning mix from DJ Cheeba, DJ Moneyshot and DJ Food i just couldn’t wait and what the hey! It’s friday!! From the boys themselves:

Solid Steel in association with Serato (31st August) 3 years ago Solid Steel DJs Cheeba, Moneyshot and Food had the idea of collaborating on a version of the Beastie Boys‘ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ album made entirely from the original sample sources, shortly after Moneyshot aired his mix of their ‘Check Your Head’ album in the same way.

Finally the result is here, titled ‘Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix’ – each of them have taken a third of the album to work on and combined their efforts into a mix that will make you hear it in a new way. Aside from the original sample sources they’ve included commentary from the Beasties, vintage interviews, demo versions and much more.

The mix was over half way completed when they heard the tragic news of MCA‘s death in May so the impetus to finish it was instantly doubled and new meaning given to the project. It goes without saying that this is also a tribute to Adam Yauch and the legacy he left behind and we hope it will be embraced by Beastie fans around the globe.

Caught In The Middle of A 3-Way Mix – a tribute to The Beastie Boys’ ‘Paul’s Boutique’ album

Get listening!!

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Playable and Edible Chocolate Record

Well this is a new one for me an edible, playable chocolate record made byBen Milne, a baker in Fife, UK. To mark the release of the band found’s newest single, he decided to make a record of the song out of chocolate. After several failed attempts, Milne used a copy of the mold used to make a vinyl record and pressed it into a sheet of chocolate. The result, as you can see at the video at the link, is both functional as a musical recording and a dessert.

Via Stv

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San Francisco Bans the Happy Meal

Now i used to be a bit of a pork chop when i was younger and lost my weight due to Weight watchers, luckily i also didn’t have a McDonalds where i grew up until i was about 15 but check out what San Francisco has done for saving the kiddie winks from getting fat. San Francisco has effectively banned happy meals.

In order to include a toy with purchase, these new, unhappier meals must meet a checklist of nutritional requirements (PDF):

• The meal can’t exceed 600 calories
• Less than 35 percent of the calories can come from fat (nuts, nut butters, low-fat cheese excepted)
• It’s required to have a half cup of vegetables
• Breakfast meals are required to have a half cup of fruit
• Sodium limits
• A multigrain requirement

In my opinion this can only be a good thing as anything that minimises obesity is a step in the right direction. Its just a shame that it looks like little fella aren’t getting any more toys.

Via Gizmodo

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