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Embroidered Wine Stains


Amelia Harnas creates these delicate portraits using a combination of embroidery and wine stains. A waste of wine some might say but as i don’t like wine and the fact it only brings out the bad in me i can’t think of anything better to do with the stuff. From her website :

These portraits are created either by using a wax resist (much like batiks) and repeated wine stains with embroidery as a reinforcing drawing over the original design or wine on paper with machine sewing. These are my first experiments using wine, and I am excited to continue expanding upon these first results.

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Alcoholic Water

Now this is just plain daft, its an alcoholic drink that is virtually tasteless made by Mckenzie River Corporation. Its called ‘Air’ (Alcohol Inspired Refresher) and is a carbonated alcoholic drink which is virtually tasteless, coluorless and odourless. So basically its perfect if you are an alchy and want to get shitfaced at work.

Air is 4% and also comes in berry and citrus flavors, just in case the watery taste gets to much for you. The only good thing about this drink is its only available in the US. Phew!!

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Cut And Run – Bill McGhee

I have just read this little number by Bill Mcghee and have got to say i really enjoyed it. It’s set in Glasgow at the time around World War 2 and tells the story of two childhood friends who end up making different decisions and thus taking different paths although their lives remain intertwined. Saying that it’s not much of a redemptive story and it clips along at a fair pace.  The lads grow up the hard way in the tough tenements of South Glasgow. Crime is as much a way of life and drinking and we can soon see the stall that has been laid out for us.

One of the lads, Ben, decides he wants to be a local hard man and he goes to make his mark in the violent and merciless streets of Glasgow with his razor. There is plenty of somewhat gratuitous (although i fear alarmingly realistic) razor slashing action and you certainly feel that you wouldn’t mess with Ben if he came calling… He certainly achieves his aims and also manages to bring a whole load of trouble down around his ears. I could easily give away too much if I go on but I would definitely recommend going out to find this one – if only for the Trainspotting style Glaswegian language. Although i spent a few years in Glasgow it still takes a while to work out some what is being said – pretty much like when i was there then!

Apparently the book is something of an autobiography and it certainly seemed authentic enough in it’s own way. I can’t find anything else by Bill McGhee and am therefore led to believe this is his only work. I’d pick up something else by him – if only to see exactly what he’d tackle next.


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The Great Binge

Just found this on wikipedia:

The “Great Binge” is a term used by historians[who?] to describe the period between 1870 and 1914 when various drugs were developed and widely consumed, alongside strong alcoholic drinks, without prohibition and in quantities that would today be considered excessive.[1]

Wow! Now that sounds like a period of history i’d like to visit.

Read the full article here


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