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irked vol 11 – Christmas Attack Zone by DJ Irk (DJ Mix)


Now i know we are passed Christmas but I’ve just got around to listening to this absolute stormer of a mix from DJ Irk and definitely worth turning up and freaking out to. From the man himself:

Had some time on my hands when I finished making the mix, so I went back and turned the scratch skits in to short videos, using the original TV and film footage. Here they are, check em out!…

Video 1: vimeo.com/54950048 – Intro
Video 2: vimeo.com/54607972 – Bad Santa Baby
Video 3: vimeo.com/55673076 – A Trailer Park Boys Christmas
Video 4: vimeo.com/54877257 – A Monty Python Mashup


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London’s Burning (Again)

I’ve been trying to write this post for ages but couldn’t get the bits of video off my computer but luckily now i can.

There i was minding my own business sat at my computer slaving away at some mind numbing work when my house mate returns telling me that there is smoke coming out of the house three doors away. I quickly rose from my seat to take a look out of the window and lo and behold she was right. At this point it didn’t look like there was to much of a problem maybe just a fire in the back garden or maybe the first fire of the winter in the hearth,. Oh how wrong i was! Out of nowhere 6 fire engines pull up and all of a sudden flames start appearing, this was not a good sign.

Four hours later and the house which once stood so proud is an empty shell of a thing smouldering away in the cold winter night. I have to say i was most impressed with the fire men who looked like absolute machines when it came to getting the job done and some of the toys these boys had would make an army of grown men cry. I just feel really sorry for the woman and children who live there that had to find somewhere else to spend their Christmas holidays. I hope they had a good Christmas anyway!!

Anyway check the video below, sorry it doesn’t have any sound but i was jabbering away and my dulcet tones only detract from the footage:


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Folding Hidden Bookcase

Now whilst its not quite as impressive as a revolving fireplace this bookshelf is nothing to turn your nose up at. This hidden bookcase smoothly slides on a floor-based rail and conceals any room in your office or home. Its quite expensive at £2000 though…oh well maybe Santa will get it for me for Christmas

Via Opulent Items

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