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Charlie Brooker interview

Here is an interview from Shortlist with British Journalist, writer and TV presenter Charlie Brooker. If you don’t know Charlie Brooker he has been apart of some of the funniest website and Tv programs over the last few years from TVGoHome to Nathan Barley.

He possesses the sharpest keyboard in the country, but what do you really know about the writer and presenter? ShortList’s Andrew Dickens digs a little deeper

Charlie Brooker is probably the nearest thing to a household name that most people aren’t completely aware of – a kind of fame burglar who has broken into your house and taken residence in your television, computer and newspaper, subliminally shouting funny words into your mind. Even if you don’t know him, you’ll definitely know those funny words.

Witty, surreal and famously cutting, 39-year-old Brooker has won awards, praise and a following so loyal he could probably start an effective cult. And the man is practically omnipresent. Starting out as a cartoonist and professional insulter at PC Zone magazine, he gained the impressive status of ‘famous anonymity’ with his turn-of-the-century website TVGoHome, a stupidly funny mock Radio Times-style listings site that made us think there may be something in this new internet malarky.

That proved a springboard to greater things: regular columns in The Guardian newspaper and satirical TV shows You Have Been Watching, Screenwipe and Newswipe. He’s also the man behind the sitcom Nathan Barley and Big Brother-based horror Dead Set.
That’s a lot of ‘things’, each snort-inducingly funny. But which of them is Charlie Brooker? Is he one of them? Or all of them? Or three? We spoke to him to ask for his take on the various chapters of his career…’

Read the rest at Shorlist

Also check out the video below for his satirical take on the news:

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