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Louis Vuitton Press Animals by Billie Achilleos



I have to say this is a much better use of a Louis Vuitton bag than what they are usually used for but just check out these amazing animals created by Billie Achilleos. From Billie:

These new critters were designed for the launch of Louis Vuitton’s Mon Monogram service for small leather goods. Each animal highlights an element in the design of the products. The Armadillo was to highlight the soft yet durable quality of the leather. The Chameleon displays the variety of colour. The Grasshopper is constructed from products with zips and poppers that make satisfying noises like that of the musically gifted insect. And finally my favorite, the Beaver, who’s functionality chops wood, builds dams…and provides cleaver ways of organising ones life in men’s bags and wallets.



I probably have to agree and say my favourite is the Beaver as well.



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Bowling Pin Lamp



Now i have to say when i saw the title before the picture i thought it was going to use one bowling pin as a lamp but surprised i was when i saw that no not one bowling pin had been used but in fact all ten. This lamp modified by Etsy seller RenegadeVintage was originally a bowling arcade game. Those aren’t pins but markers that fold back when hit by balls. Now the assembly is a lamp that provides ambient light perfect for a romantic love nest.

Via Neatorama

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“Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song, Google-Translated

Now we all know the theme song from The fresh prince but i bet you haven’t heard it like this…

From the youtube page:

In the geekiest experiment ever, CDZA co-founder Joe Sabia shows us what happens when we translate the lyrics of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air through every language in Google Translate (64 times), and then taking what remains and translating it BACK into English.

Featuring Jeremie Harris as Will Smith.

Technically speaking, all but the first verse were translated. The lyrics were translated from English to the world’s most spoken language (Mandarin), to the second most (Spanish), to the third most, to the fourth most, ETC, putting all 64 languages in order by finding the demographic population size on every language on Wikipedia. 

Fun facts: 
The last translation we put it through was “Esperanto”, because apparently, only 10,000 people speak it.
No one has an official language of “Latin”, but we had to assume a lot of people are still able to speak it. So that was a bit ambiguous. 
Proper Nouns never really changed. Neither did numbers, as you can tell in the last stanza, “7,8”.
We have no idea why we did this.

Via Youtube

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Trust Fall

I think this is what you call getting the wrong idea!

Via Neatorama

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Taxidermied Squirrel Riding a Rattlesnake


WOW!! A squirrel riding a rattlesnake. Now is that not the best bit of taxidermy you’ve ever seen? I’ve got a taxidermied crow at home called Hugin which i love but i need this in my life now.

Via Neatorama


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Technics-Inspired Motorcycle


Now if like me you’ve ever owned a pair of Technics decks then this beast of a motorbike is going to be right up your alley, it’s certainly got me drooling.

Motorcycle designer, Roland Sands, and Nitro Circus madman, Andy Bell have joined forces on a Technics inspired Harley Sportster which drew its inspiration from the Technics DH1-1200 and SL-1200MK2 turntables. Now if you ask me this bike is an absolute beauty and well worth another 5 mins of watching the video.

Via Gizmodo

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A Bridge Suspended By Helium Balloons


Tatton’s Japanese Garden in th UK, has an installation by French artist Oliveier Grossetête who has come up with a featherweight bridge over a lake suspended by three helium balloons.

The bridge is apart of the ‘Pont de Singe’ project, and although the bridge cannot really be used to be walked on, it does exude a Mangalike dreamscape quality to make people feel like they have entered a surreal world. That said i would definitely try and cross the bridge, surreal or not. I’m sure though that a few more balloons would be needed for a truly safe crossing.



Via DesignTaxi

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