A Single Monstrous Act by Kenneth Benton

I’ve just found a pile of books that i’ve read and hadn’t written a review of, so i decided to jump back on the horse and get critical. The first book is Kenneth Benton‘s ‘A Single monstrous Act’ which i read quite a while a go now but i can remember exactly what i thought of it so i thought it was a good place to start.

The book centers around the Revolutionary Front who are an ultra left wing organisation who’s main objective is to overthrow the establishment and seize power but instead of just rhetoric they actually have a complete plan that might just work. The plan has been masterminded by Thaxton their clever but crazy leader. What plan could overthrow a goverment i hear you ask? A single monstrous act.

Now i’m not one to slate some ones work when they have obviously put so much time and effort in to it but this book was really bad in my opinion. I just didn’t like any of the characters, story or title for that matter. I’m really not sure i’d pick up another of kenneth Benton’s books if i came across them and that’s saying something as i’m somewhat of a whore when it come to reading.



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