The Gemini Contenders by Robert Ludlum

The Gemini Contenders is a 1976 novel by Robert Ludlum and I’m pretty sure the first book I’ve read by him but I have watched some films based on his books though like the Bourne series.

The book opens in Salonika, Greece in 1939 where a secret order of monks called the Xenope are trying to transport a mysterious cargo to a hiding place in the Italian Alps. Only very few know the contents of the cargo which has been hidden for centuries and could bring an end to the Christian religion as we know it. The Nazi’s though are marching ever closer to the vault in their march across Europe, whoever has the vault could change the world forever by tearing apart the church and Christian religion. The book then spans the next four decades as various members of a wealth family called the Fontini-Cristi’s and the Xenope try to locate the cargo and protect it from falling in to the wrong hands.

Not that i didn’t like the book but i did feel that it could of maybe been made in to two books instead of one, that said i did enjoy Ludlum’s writing. The first would be about the cargo around the time of WWII and the second would be later with the future generation of the Fontini-Cristi family trying to find the cargo. I felt that he tried to get to much in and didn’t fully expand on some his ideas though which was a shame because i feel it could of gone a little deeper. Although i’ve never read a Dan Brown book, i think it would probably be a little like ‘The Gemini Contenders’ but i can’t be sure. I’ve got a few more Ludlum’s on my book shelf, so i’m definitely going to read a few more, hopefully though they’ll be a little more fluid.



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