Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins

I think this is the third or fourth book i’ve read by Tom Robbins and he still hasn’t let me down. They are always a little bit strange but definitely in a good way, maybe i should say surreal instead of strange, in fact what am i talking about they are all surreal.

The book follows the life of John Paul Ziller and his wife Amanda a free spirit who open “Captain Kendrick’s Memorial Hot Dog Wildlife Preserve,” as you would imagine with a name like that it is both a hot dog stand and zoo which sits along a highway in Skagit County. An eccentric pair themselves their friends also lean away from normal including Mon Cul the baboon (yes an actual baboon); Marx Marvelous, an educated man from the east coast with a great name to boot and L. Westminster “Plucky” Purcell, a former college football star and occasional dope dealer. I would have this lot in my group of friends any day. One of the main avenues of the story though involves “Plucky” Purcell  who accidentally infiltrates a group of Catholic monks who work as assassins for the Vatican. Whilst with the group Plucky discovers a secret so big and so secret that dates back to the very beginning of Christianity. What will the Vatican do knowing someone else knows their secrets?

I have to say all of Tom Robbins books are real palate cleansers from the usual books i read and this one was no exception, Its like having some sorbet after a heavy meal and i love sorbet (especially lemon). This was his first book and published in 1971 and started what is today a cult following of sorts and i can kind of understand why, his books might be talking about profound subjects such as religion but they are done in such a way that is fantastical and not at all overbearing. This was a great read and I’d recommend it to anyone along with any of his other novels.


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