The Last Frontier by Alistair Maclean

Like Desmond Bagley who i reviewed the yesterday Alistair Maclean is a first rate Thriller writer. This book is MacLean’s first foray into the espionage thriller genre, and was inspired by the events surrounding the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The book starts with Michael Reynolds who is a British secret agent on a wintertime mission inside Hungary at the height of the Cold War. His mission is to rescue a professor by the name of Jennings who is being held by Hungary’s communist govenment. To do this he needs the help of an ellusive rebel by the name of Jansci and his second in command ‘The Count’ to get the professor back to England, all the while the Hungarian secret police is trying to capture and kill him.

Either i’m storming through these books at a superman like speed or it was another quick read. I thought this was a very accomplished book considering it was his first in the espionage thriller genre for him and a good all round read. If you see any of Maclean’s books on a bookshelf anywhere i’d definitely suggest picking one up and giving it a go.



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