Drunk nuclear physics teacher forces students through 23 hour exam

Now exam’s are never fun even at the best of times but this one sounds downright awful.  A Russian professor who was drunk as a skunk forced students to sit through a nuclear physics oral exam that kicked off at 10am, and rambled on without break till 9am the following day. How did they even stay up that long without some serious stimulants?

The Russian lecturer, Landysh Zaripova, forced her 15 students to sit through the marathon exam that apparently covered nuclear physics, her wardrobe and even her extra-university business dealings. One of the pupils told Rianososti:

“Towards the end, everyone was just sitting there, totally exhausted […] The lecturer would go into another room, drink, come back and start telling us about her business.”

Glad to see Russia takes nuclear physics so seriously these days, although Zaripova denies the allegations of her leglessness. It seems all 15 students failed the exam too — you’d think they’d give them a medal for suffering through that length of testing. 23 hours without taking a leak; I think I’d probably burst.

Via Gizmodo


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