I’ve got a dirty mind by id-iom

Now this one by my boys – id-iom is an absolute corker. I love the picture and i love what they have to say about it as well:

There’s something that has been becoming ever more clear in my mind the older I get and that is that nearly all women are truly depraved. On the surface they may seem composed and serene but in reality they can match any man when it comes to filthy and impure thoughts. When women are in groups the kind of things they talk about aren’t shopping or any new beauty regimes, what is actually talked about is just down right dirty and I don’t mean anything so crass as ‘lady troubles’.

These women talk about anything any group of men will talk about but its nearly always about 10 times worse with incredible bouts of vulgarity. The only reason i know this is a technique i’ve learnt called ‘keeping mum and getting drunk’ which, if you’re good at, will eventually lead to them chattering away and forgetting that you are even there. It is at this point that the magic really starts. Next time I’m in half a mind to try and record it – although i’d probably have to fear for my safety for a long time afterwards…



Ahh!! So true lads, like you, its taken me a fare bit of time to figure this out as well.


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