A Car For The Zombie Apocalypse

Now this isn’t something you see everyday a car built by Korean car brand Hyundai in case a zombie apocalypse happens and an absolute necessity to your zombie-survival kit. This special car is based on their Elantra Coupe and this ‘Zombie Survival Machine’ is the first zombie proof car. The vehicle is equipped with a zombie plow with spikes, armored windows, a trunk filled with weaponry, front and back floodlights, spiked tires, and a radio system to communicate with other survivors. You might wonder why they would make such a car and you might be mistaken to think its because its of all of these zombie attacks blamed on bath salts but that isn’t the case instead the Zombie Survival Machine was built to commemorate the 100th issue of comic book series ‘The Walking Dead‘. Well that’s lucky because i was about to initiate Zombie attack plan alpha!!

Via Design Taxi


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