Headhunters by Jo Nesbo

Headhunters by Jo Nesbo

First up I have to say how much I dislike it when they use the film imagery on the front of the book. I (kind of) understand why they do it – so there is some continuity between the different versions but I find it lazy and a bit boring. There is a lot more to cover design than just slapping on a generic image that features the stars of the film and there are many talented designers who could come up with something a lot more fitting. Anyway I digress. I hadn’t read a Jo Nesbo book before this one and I’ve got to say it was quite impressive. Maybe not quite as good as Steig Larsson‘s hard-hitting trilogy but an excellent read nevertheless. There seems to be a glut of quality crime writers coming from Scandanavia and Nesbo certainly makes a good first impression.

The story revolves around a recruitment headhunter who also has a profitable sideline in art theft. Our ‘hero’, Roger Brown, appears to have it all – a good job, a beautiful wife and a lovely home. He appears to bite off more than he can chew however when he comes across Clas Greve who he attempts to place in a role he has available. In his interview Clas doesn’t shy away from his army past or indeed the fact his speciality was hunting people down. This is where the fun really starts. After the inevitable murder that occurs Roger is a wanted man and must try to find a way out of his tricky predicament.  With enough twists and turns to keep just about anybody happy it was good from start to finish (I always love a good ending!)

Next I think I may look into his ‘Harry Hole’ series. I’m sure they don’t disappoint either…



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