Naked rambler walks free from Perth Prison

I haven’t ever heard this story before but it seems insane to me. From the BBC:

Naked Rambler Stephen Gough has walked free from prison after spending 657 days locked up.

The 53-year-old said he was looking forward to seeing his children for the first time in years.

A naked Mr Gough was spoken to by police as he was freed from Perth Prison, but was allowed to go on his way in an apparent shift in policy from Tayside Police.

On his last release, officers arrested the former marine within 60 seconds.

Mr Gough, from Eastleigh in Hampshire, earned the title Naked Rambler by walking unclothed from Lands End to John O’Groats after quitting his job as a lorry driver.

Different approach

He has been repeatedly arrested in the street outside Perth Prison by police waiting for him to be released at the end of each sentence.

The former marine welcomed the new police response: “My opinion is that the police have thought ‘the guy’s not going to give up so let’s have a think about it’.

“Something has changed and it is good news for me.

“What they were doing before was pre-empting complaints and now they are not.”

Mr Gough said he now plans to head south and hoped to see his children.

And just because he wants to walk around naked! i could think of a few worse things that people should be locked up for thats for sure…

Read the rest of the story here.


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