King Rat by China Mieville

King Rat by China Mieville

There I was at the airport trying to find a little something to take on holiday when I came across China Mieville. I realised I’d heard the name before (although hadn’t read anything by him) and I liked the cover so I thought I’d jump on in. Even after reading the back blurb I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I don’t usually quote the blurb but I’ll reproduce it here as I don’t want to give away too much of the story away:

“Something is stirring in London’s dark, stamping out its territory in brickdust and blood. Something has murdered Saul’s father, and left Saul to pay for the crime. But a shadow from the urban waste breaks into his prison cell and leads him to freedom. A shadow called King Rat. In the night-land behind London’s façade, in sewers and slums and rotting dead spaces, Saul must learn his true nature. Grotesque murders rock the city like a curse.”

It’s certainly an odd little number but once you’ve got a grip on what’s going down it’s a very enjoyable read. He twists elements of urban culture, fairy tales and fantasy into an intriguing narrative about one man’s search for redemption following the murder of his father. Like a lot of the books I read I think this could make a good film if it was done right (although, like most the films I see I’m sure it would be rubbish – which is why i like reading). I think I’ll be picking up another China Mieville book when I next get the chance…



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