Wanderers of Time by John Beynon

Wanderers of Time by John Beynon

John Beynon is one of the pen names of John Wyndham and he just happened to write one of my favourite books of all time – ‘The Day of the Triffids’ (which is apparently being remade by Sam Raimi) – so it was pretty much a given that I would enjoy this little collection of a few short science-fiction based stories. They were originally published in magazines in the 1930’s and then collected in this 1973 edition (presumably after the success of his books written as John Wyndham). The stories range from time travel to space travel and there’s even a kind of triffids pre-cursor called ‘The Puff Ball Menace’ which I rather enjoyed. Considering how rudimentary most of the technologies he’s writing about were he shows a good understanding of what problems would be faced (even if, not surprisingly, some of his ideas are a bit dated now). Overall a great little read and I particularly liked the ant civilisation that has come to rule the earth in the first story ‘Wanderers of Time’. Long live our ant overlords!



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