Human Nature by Jason deCaires Taylor

I’ve seen some picture of Jason deCaires Taylor‘s work before but they were when some of his sculptures were being placed into the sea. These pictures though have been taken a while later when coral has started to grow on them and they look amazing. UK artist Jason deCaires Taylor was born in 1974 and spent his youth diving the coral reefs of Malaysia, later he began a pursuit of art and graffiti and through these two pursuits he ended up with these underwater sculptures in locations off the coast of Mexico, the Bahamas, and the West Indies where he uses eco-friendly concrete sculptures specifically designed to harbor life. The artificial reefs are photographed and filmed in numerous stages from the moment they are first submerged to months and years later after thriving ecosystems form within his artwork.

This Saturday, Taylor will have his first debut solo gallery exhibition titled Human Nature at Jonathan leVine Gallery in New York. Via the gallery:

For this exhibition, the artist selected photographs of some of his major public projects. While some works were photographed as soon as they were submerged, others feature various stages of coral and algae growth that has occurred over a period of time. The resulting photography (much like the experience of viewing in person) evokes a sense of discovering forgotten civilizations, and surreal narratives of lost, sunken worlds.

Now i’ve never been diving (snorkelling yes, diving no) but if i came across this whilst giving it a go I’m pretty sure i’d forget to breath which i’ve been told is quite dangerous for you. Lucky then i live in the UK and those cold british waters where you can’t see anything until its about a metre infront of you…

Via Colossal


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