Man Hidden in a Pile of Wood by Gyula Várnai

Now i’ve never stayed in a log cabin or somewhere where i’d have to store lots of firewood but if i did have to, this is the type of thing i’d like to do with my pile of logs. Hungarian artist Gyula Várnai has this to say about his creation:

To build the piece, logs of different sizes, shapes, and colors were piled into this creative pattern to form the silhouette of a crouching man. When standing close to the pile, or viewing it from a side angle, you may not notice the man’s form. Viewers must distance themselves from the piece in order to see the human figure come alive on the surface of the wood.

I suppose you do things like this when you’ve 1) Collected enough wood, 2) Caught your food for dinner and 3) Cabin fever has set in.

Via Neatorama


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