The Space-Warp Carpet

If i actually saw this carpet in real life i think i would definitely keel over and start vomiting. It’s actually in a computer game shop but the only use i can think of is putting it in an airport or sea terminal. Why? You might ask, well its a purely selfish reason. Usually when i’m travelling i end up getting extremely drunk the night before and waking up the next day with an awful hangover, then having to head off feeling disgusting. When i arrive at an airport or port the only thing i can think of to get rid of the hangover is the hair of the dog which never bodes well as i usually end up in a worse state than the night before. This carpet would put an end to this horrible circle of deprecation and might just save my liver at the same time.

Via Gizmodo


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Filed under Art, computer, design, lifestyle, picture, style

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