Amazing Sculptures by Cedric Laquieze

These sculptures by Cedric Laquieze are absolutely stunning. I love the use of various animal parts like bones and wings, my only question is where do you actually get all the bits needed to create such wondrous creations. From Cedric himself:

My name is Cedric Laquieze welcome to my blog! i’ve been a sculptor fascinated with creatures as far as i can remember,i’ve done many exhibitions in the past in Paris Belgium, Italy, Germany and of course Holland. I Graduated from the Rietveld academy last year where i met many people with the same fascination for organic materials and esthetic shapes. I would like to use this opportunity to share my fairies flower creatures and goddesses with the rest of you.

Via Cedric Laquieze Blog


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One response to “Amazing Sculptures by Cedric Laquieze

  1. iarxiv

    Curious to know the answer to that as well… maybe he casts them out of some kind of plastic? Or there’s alway 3D printing? Why do I have a feeling it’s neither of these two options….

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