The Wrong Side of the Sky by Gavin Lyall

I’m not sure where this book cane from but i presume from either a charity shop , on one of my wombling excursions around town or maybe even Freecycle. Anyway the book its self is a classic thriller  revolving around Jack Clay who flies around the Mediterranean in an old Dakota for a living, dropping cargo wherever his shipping company tells him to go. This one time he and his co pilot are asked to ship some crates to Libya to which Clay refuses as he feels something dodgy going on and needless to say he was right. This is the start of a journey that takes in cargoes from counterfeit guns to boxes of treasure.

There is nothing groundbreaking with the content in the story (stolen jewels, a dead man slumped over his desk, gorgeous women , a blow to the back of the head – all very James Bond) but the book is very well delivered with fluid snappy writing which keeps you entertained till the very end. If i happen to come across another of Gavin Lyall‘s book i will definitely pick it up and as P.G Wodehouse puts it on the back of the cover `Terrific! When better novels of suspense than this are written, lead me to them.’ and i whole heartedly agree.



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