Belt-driven Devon Tread watches

Check out this gorgeous watch! I’m not one who usually wears watches, not because i don’t like them its just every time i wear one i end up breaking it, the same goes for sunglasses. Then again if i had this one it would be one of my most prized possessions. Its just a shame i don’t have the hefty $17,500 to get one. From boing boing:

New in the Watchismo Vault collection, the $17,500 Devon Tread watches, which use a cunning system of belts and optical sensors to keep and display the time. No, I don’t have $17.5K to drop on something like this, but if you asked me to imagine what a $17.5K watch should look like, it would be something much like this: “The exposed movement is a mesmerizing display of the patented interwoven system of conveyor belts. This series of belts includes critical elements that allow the optical recognition system to know every belt position at all times.”

Via Boing Boing


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