The Lady of the Lake


The Lady of the Lake arises…

A great bit of street art from the id-iom boys. This is what they had to say:

It is said that when storm clouds gather over England and dark days lay ahead then the Lady of the Lake will rise from her watery resting place bearing Excalibur – to be taken by a pure-hearted champion for the people (or perhaps it’ll just be taken by the council).

Well, with Greece on the blink, Portugal up the swanny and Spain on the ropes it would appear that the time is upon us…Good people of England take cheer for now Excalibur is here it will all be sorted post haste!

This piece was a lot of fun to do. Mostly. Once we had the idea we just needed to get hold of a sword for our photo shoot. Easier said than done. Then we turned the photo into a many-layered stencil and sprayed it on plywood. Then the shape was cut out and we applied the stencil to the other side of the wood too so it would be visible from both sides. Then it had some small bits of shiny bling attached and was secured into a bucket of concrete (as we obviously didn’t want it to fall over). That was the fun part over. Then I had to head to the pond and climb into it’s dark and frigid waters on a breezy February morning. In fact, my mood was only lightened by the drunk who was watching us from a park bench and clearly had no idea what was going on. Finally it was mission accomplished. I’m not sure how long she lasted but I wish her well…



Keep it up lads!!

Via This is id-iom


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