The Napoleon of Crime: The Life and Times of Adam Worth, the Real Moriarty by Ben Macintyre

Now this isn’t quite a book review as I read  this book years ago and had totally forgotten about the book till recently when i watched the new Sherlock Holmes TV show on the BBC. The reason it reminded of the book was the fact that Moriarty was based on who the book is about. He was a man called Adam Worth who Scotland Yard detective Robert Anderson nicknamed him “the Napoleon of the criminal world”, and is commonly referred to as “the Napoleon of Crime”.  From what i can remember he led an unbelievable life and you can definitly see why Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used him as the inspiration for Moriarty when you read the book. I would strongly suggest giving it a read as its an amazing story, I’ve just ordered it again as i can’t seem to find my copy on the book shelf anywhere and can’t wait to read it again. You can get the book here.

P.s. How cool is it to be known as “the Napolean of Crime”?


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