Tell no one by Harlan Coben

Tell No One by Harlan Coben

I have just finished my second Harlan Coben book (i forgot to do a review of the first one – d’oh!) and have got to say I really enjoyed it. It’s a fairly quick read and is a definite page turner. It picks you up straight away and carries you along to the end.  The story revolves around a Dr David Beck who buried his wife 8 years previously after she was killed by a serial killer nicknamed ‘KillRoy’. Then, one day, he gets an email that can surely only be from his dead wife. And so the intrigue begins…

There are lots of dramatic reveals, twists and turns and by the time it’s finished you’ve just about caught up with what’s going down. In his other book I read, Long Lost, there was a supporting character called ‘Win‘ who was basically a psychopathic millionaire preppy whom I liked very much. In this book there is a drug dealing street criminal called Tyrese who fulfils pretty much the same function as Win and helps the main character out of a couple of sticky spots whilst dishing out some casual violence. With plot twists, lies, murder, and deception this was definitely down my alley.



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