The Sleeping Doll by Jeffrey Deaver

I’m pretty sure The Sleeping Doll is my first Jeffrey Deaver book and i’ve got to say I really enjoyed it. We are introduced to Kathryn Dance who specialises in interrogation and is an expert in kinesics (body language) who works for the CBI (the California State equivalent of the FBI). She has to interview a jailed murderer, Daniel Pell, about a possible previous crime that has come to light but he manages to use the fact he’s been transferred from a supermax prison to a county courthouse for the interview to make good his escape. Kathryn Dance is put in charge of the manhunt for Daniel Pell and thus begins an intriguing and violent game of cat and mouse. Pell is a particularly nasty character who will stop at nothing to achieve his aims.

I particularly liked the fact that Deaver keeps you second-guessing what’s going down with twists and turns aplenty. You never quite know when another surprise is about to be thrown your way. The character of Daniel Pell is particularly smart and nasty – which is just perfect for a book like this. I’d definitely read another Deaver and may well go out of my way to get the James Bond book, Carte Blanche, which he published this year as i’d be interested to see how he handles such a character.



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