Pole Dancing Battle – FIGHT!

For some reason i couldn’t embed the video and i’ve been trying now for about 15mins but definitely head over to boing boing via the link below and go watch, they are amazing. Just WOW infact! I might be male but i tried pole dancing before and i can tell you it is not as easy as it looks and these two make it look easy peasy:

Oona Kivela, winner of the I Pole World Cup, and Grazzy Brugner, organizer of Miss Pole Dance Brazil, held an impromptu dance-battle at Rio’s Up Dance Studio, performing crazy, acrobatic routines that stagger the imagination and inflame the senses. It may be NSFW, but it’s pretty wild acrobatics.

Via Boing Boing



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2 responses to “Pole Dancing Battle – FIGHT!

  1. The picture is very amazing.

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