The Co-eds by Alison Lord

I was walking to the post office one day and came across two girls selling books on the street. I was going to walk past but i saw a sign saying 5 books for a £1 which to anyone who reads a lot knows is just to much of a draw. They had quite a strange collection of books on offer and this was one of them. So £1 lighter i made my way on to the post office.

The book mainly follows Janice as she heads to Uni for her second year, in which they are all going to protest about Vietnam, race discrimination and the building of an arts centre or some such rubbish. There is also the extra curricular activities that go on between the students, descibed on the back as ‘ a non stop game of couples, college style’ and that is pretty much the book.

Now i’m not really where to start with this book review. Although the blurb on the back of the book makes it sound quite interesting, it just wasn’t. For a start the blurb actually tells you stuff that isn’t even in the book, so at points throughout the book you have to keep turning to the back cover to figure out who you are reading about. Another thing i didn’t like about the book was the vocabulary used, with phrases like ‘cool cat’ , ‘hip’, ‘zonked’ and ‘whizz’. I know these were probably used at this period of time but i’ve now seen Austin powers and it just made the book seem kind of stupid and farcical. Alison lord has only written two books from what i can gather and i won’t be finding the other one.



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