Landslide by Desmond Bagley

Here is another author who i keep coming across when picking books off my shelf and i’m happy i do as i’ve enjoyed every Desmond Bagley book i’ve read. I have to say he is one of the best writers i have come across to write a chase in a book building the suspense to points where you just can’t turn the pages quick enough.

Landslide’ follows Bob Boyd a Geologist working for the Matterson Corporation who are building a dam in the lumber country of British Columbia. Before he can finish his survey for the company he comes across the name Trinavant which gives him a shock as it strikes a resonant chord to his dark forgotten past but one he can not understand. This leads him to start remembering things from long ago and due to this he starts to investigate the Trinavants. The Mattersons though don’t like him hanging around and asking questions which they would prefer not being asked. Bob Boyd has to go on the run to escape the Matterson Family’s thugs who are told to hunt this man down, the trouble is, Bob boyd has information that could save thousands of lives but whilst on the run can do nothing with this information. I was going to write more on Boyd and the book but i came across this in the comments section of the books review on amazon which i think describes it brilliantly:

The immense macho-ness of Boyd, coupled with his vulnerablitiy and Bagley’s writing skill makes for a fantastic character. When he’s running for his life in the Kinoxi valley, he comes into his own. He is like Ray Mears crossed with Clint Eastwood, plus a degree in geology.What a man!

Doesn’t he sound like someone you’d like to meet? I know i would for sure.



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