They used dark forces by Dennis Wheatley

They used dark forces’ is another brilliant Dennis wheatley book – there i’ve said it. I have to say he is fast becoming one of my favourite authors the more i read his books, any thats no mean feat. Usually the more you read of an author the less exciting the books seem to be as they come to read much like the last.

This book’s main character is Gregory Sallust who on a night in June 1943 parachutes into Nazi Germany. His objective is to find information on Hitlers new secret weapon the “V” rockets. But before he can find out anything he meets Ibrahim Malacou hypnotist, astrologer and satanist. Gregory does not yet know that Malacou and himself will have a long a difficult partnership lasting to the very end of the war. Sustained by their hatred of the Nazis Malacou and Gregory cross paths a number of times in the ultimate goal of defeating the Nazis ending with Hitlers final days and the fall of Berlin. The only trouble is, was Gregory’s decision to use occult forces to destroy Hitler the correct one or will it destroy him first.

This book is like all the other Dennis Wheatley books that i’ve read and that is simply –  a great read.


Here are some audio clips by and about Dennis Wheatley from the BBC including his letter of “Posterity”.


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