A Coffin from Hong Kong – James Hadley Chase

Now i know i’ve read more than two books by James Hadley Chase but for the life of me i can only remember one of them which was ‘Make The Corpse Walk’’ and i enjoyed that immensely. I happened to come across ‘A Coffin from Hong Kong’ down the back of my bookshelf where it must of fallen ages ago, its not often i get around to giving the house a spring clean and these are the little surprises that it gives me in return.

As its only a short little read i belted through it at some pace but i have to say i enjoyed it a lot. The book revolves around Nelson Ryan a private investigator looking to make some money and as we know all PI’s are always looking for their next pay packet. It all starts with an innocent enough phone call but instead of being a bit of survelience work which he thought would be a doddle leads him to the murder of a chinese call-girl. From here on in Nelson has to head into the sordid underbelly of Hong Kong which is strewn with many turns and twists keeping you the reader on the edge of your seat. A quick but enjoyable read, i would definitely pick up another of James Hadley Chase’s books.



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