The Satan Bug by Alistair MacLean

Although i’ve watched some of Alistair Macleans’s book as films (The Guns of Naverone and Where Eagles dare),this is my first Alistair Maclean book and certainly won’t be my last. A great book that doesn’t let ups its gripping pace from the first few paragraphs to the very end. This book was written in 1962 and even though technology has changed so considerably from then it still seems relevant today and that can only be put down to the author being on the ball as to where technology was going and what the consequences could be.

The book is about Bio-weapons and the possible outcome if they were to be used on a population. From the very start you know something is wrong when Pierre Cavell, a private detective is called back to Morden Bio-weapon laboratory with which he was the late head of security. He’s called back to investigate the murder of one of the scientists who also happens to be the head of the laboratory. Pierre Cavell soon realises that an incredibly dangerous virus  has been stolen called the Satan Bug. He quicklt discovers that it must of been an inside job with the help of a master criminal who together are willing to take incredible risks, Cavell must work as quick as he can with the help of the police to secure the return of the virus. The investigation takes him to London for the final climactic scene where if he makes a wrong mistake it could mean the end of London as we know it.

I found the ‘Satan Bug’ to be a great read with many twisting plots, interesting dialouge and charecters that kept you wanting to read till the very end. All in all a smashing read and i’ll definitely be picking up more of Alistair Maclean’s books.



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