Now here’s something that is really going to make all the taggers in the world run away like little girls:

Tag Back The Taggers

Stop graffiti before it happens

Finally there’s a new and effective way to combat the ever-present threat of graffiti tagging.  The system is called Tagbak, and it does just what the name implies…it tags back!

How is this possible?  Unlike passive ways of dealing with the problem such as using cameras, special film coatings, sandblasting or repainting, Tagbak actively defends your property with the best repellant nature has to offer; water.

As the would-be tagger approaches your wall or monument, Tagbak senses the motion and triggers a dedicated line of sprinklers to come on.  The startled, would-be vandal beats a hasty retreat to avoid getting soaked.   The wall gets a good dousing too, making it a non-desirable target.

Tagbak offers safe, effective and inexpensive damage control.  It operates at low voltage and conserves water because it only comes on only when it needs to.  Best of all, it’s proactive, stopping the crime before it happens.

Let Tagbak provide you with maximum protection for your greenbelt areas.

Water, paint and tagging don’t mix.
A wet wall does not lend itself to tagging.
A wet tagger won’t stick around either.

Rain hasn’t stopped them so i can’t see why tagbok will. Oh well, maybe next time you will come up with something better.

Via Tagbak


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