How to spraypaint a moving train in one fell swoop

Now here is some next level stuff! Instead of having to go out in a massive group to spray up the side of trains this little tinker has come up with a way to do it all by himself. What will they think of next!

From Colossal:

So many train cars, so little time. The Morphogenetic Field Device Little Boy by Berlin-based street artist Dtagno is a vertical pole of 22 spraycans meant to thoroughly zebra-stripe any passing vehicle. Dtagno has created similar devices before including this sucker that makes multi-stream spraycan writing that looks like this. I’ll let you decide where this falls on the vandalism/art spectrum, but if you like this also check out 500 gallons of paint being poured on the streets of Berlin. (via rebel:art)

Via Colossal


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