Free Run at the Udderbelly Festival

Last night I went to see the Free Run show at the Udderbelly festival on London’s Southbank and have got to say I enjoyed it. After filing into the performance space we got to find a seat and settle down for the show. At the front are an array of obstacles and a climbing wall but there is also a circuit which runs behind the audience so the performers can move around and appear from either side – or possibly down the aisles.

The lights are then cut and all we can hear is a dripping sound before some torches appear out of the dark and begin to move around. From there on in it’s frenetic activity whilst the performers pull out some of their moves to a pumping soundtrack. Strangely a few of the performers reminded me of people i know (who have no parkour skills) so it was amusing imagining them up there throwing themselves around with wild abandon – but i digress. All the performers seemed to have slightly different specialties – from the guy who supports himself parallel to the ground from a pole (core stability guy as we came to call him), to pure acrobatic skills, capoeira, etc.

I felt the energy dipped a little in the middle when there was some martial art style performances but the high-octane ending (complete with a little audience participation) seemed to leave everyone on a high note and wondering just how long it would take them to be able to pull off one of the tricks themeselves. Overall their skill, energy and co-ordination shines through and it’s good to see exactly what the human body is capable off. I’ll be hitting the gym shortly…

I have put their showreel at the bottom in order to whet your appetite as the show runs until the 17th July. After having a look at some of the other (mainly comedy) acts that are on at Udderbelly over the next month or so I’m thinking a return mission may well be in order…


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