Drunken ‘parkour’ fail!

Savoy Hotel, Fleet Street, London

Image by DG Jones via Flickr

After doing a post earlier about the skill, energy and co-ordination of the professional parkour performers in Free Run I thought i’d take a quick trip down the darkside of unco-ordination and complete lack of skill.

Here we have some footage of a gentleman who was apparently kicked out of a celebrity bash at the Savoy hotel in London for being drunk. As he tries to take himself home he comes across all sorts of obstacles which he tries to overcome in spectacular fashion. He manages to fit in all the necessary moves to make this a complete classic – from the painful face plant to the stumble, flip and fall. He’s got them all covered. You’ll be wincing each time he makes a move forward but it is highly amusing…

This is schadenfreude at it’s very best…


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