Invader Cow – id-iom

Although this is an old piece by the id-iom boys they have just released this video of them doing  ‘Invader Cow’ in London. Here’s what they have to say:

It has taken a little while and a lot of effort but we finally have exclusive video evidence of an alien abduction! This video was apparently shot in London late last year and whilst we still have the footage unfortunately the cow has never been seen again…

If you never hear from us again however you’ll know the men in black were sent after us but i’m not going to be frightened into non disclosure about my UFO experience. The internet needs to know! Now whilst I’m not sure exactly what they use the cows for I can only hope they are spirited away to bovine nirvana or perhaps just get to drive round the universe gazing out the window and ruminating on the futility of existence. Only the cow knows for sure…

Great little video and i’m definitely going to have to find out what the final song is as i just love it…



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