Ross Allen Wrestling an Anaconda

Ross and his son Tom wrestle a 20-foot anaconda in the water at Silver Springs, Florida.

I’m not sure i would be happy getting in the water with a 20-foot Anaconda but hey i suppose someone has to.

From Wikipedia:

E. Ross Allen (1908–1981) was an American herpetologist and writer. Originally born in Pennsylvania, Ross relocated to Florida with his family when he was a teenager. As a young man, Allen made a hobby of capturing turtles, snakes and other reptiles near his home in central Florida.

Allen began the Reptile Institute in Silver Springs, Florida in November 1929.[1][2] The center was once known for its reptile demonstrations, including alligator wrestling and rattlesnake milking, but is now recognized for its research on native Floridian reptiles.[3] Allen often procured the specimens for the Institute himself, often with the help of swimmer and Silver Springs celebrity Newton Perry. In 1935, an entire replica of a Seminole village was added to the park on Allen’s initiative.[4]

Because of his expertise in handling the animals, Allen was featured in numerous film shorts and newsreel clips; he also served as stuntman and reptile handler on several movies that were filmed in Silver Springs, including Tarzan Finds a Son and The Yearling.[5] He worked at Silver Springs for forty-six years, leaving in 1975. He began work on a new attraction that was to be called Alligator Town, U.S.A.; after his death in 1981, however, the project was abandoned



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