Werner Herzog’s Cave Of Forgotten Dreams

Last week i went to the UK premiere of Werner Herzog‘s Cave of Forgotten dreams at the Ritzy in Brixton. I have to say i didn’t know much about Werner Herzog or the documentary before i went there but a friend of mine had a spare ticket and i hadn’t yet seen any film in 3D, so i though i might as well go and take a look.

The documentary is about the Chauvet Cave in Southern France which was discovered in 1994 by climbers. To their surprise inside the cave were some of the world’s oldest cave paintings which had been left in pristine condition for thousands of years due to a landslide which at some point had sealed off the cave.

In the documentary Herzog takes us through the cave system to reveal a world which has hundreds of painting with some of them being 32,000 years old. The painting mainly consists of animals which i have to say are better than anything i could do and they were done in a dark cave with only the use of a torch. The realistic drawing of animals include horses, cattle, rhinos and lions but at parts in the cave one person had done prints of his own hand almost like a tag in modern day graffiti.

As i have never watched anything else by Herzog i was a little taken aback by his naration of the documentary, whilst his voice was hypnotically pleasing, what he was actual saying was a little perplexing as it was strewn with bizarre metaphysical contemplations about the art and its creators.

All in all i enjoyed the documentary but i did find it a little long, the person i was with even managed to have a little kip half way through but i don’t think that was to do with the content and more to do with his aforementioned hypnotic dulcet narration. I definitely like the 3D aspect of the film as i thought the cave really comes to life with all the shadows.


I have also just found this interview with Herzog over at Dazed Digital


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