A Little Trouble in Dublin

A friend of mine recently went to Dublin with his girlfriend and here in his own words are what happened on his little escapade:

Here’s a bit more detail of my latest shaming….

Ok, so we went out Friday night in Dublin, saw Gary and had a few too many sherberts and ended up back at our hotel after this rather good clubnight at around 6am. Funny thing was I didn’t remember being all that wasted at the time, but anyway…

Apparently I got up in the night and wandered into our bathroom where I had a big poo in the bath. I then proceeded to take a wrong turn on the way back to bed and sleepwalk (naked) out into the hotel corridor thus locking myself out of our room. I must’ve eventually realised and freaked out and started banging on doors or something and just got lucky with someone leaving their own room around 6:30am, or getting ready to leave early, and so they let me in (completely naked don’t forget, probably with a bit of poo on me somewhere). What kind of weirdo lets someone in their room in that state?

I then woke up in said hotel room at 1pm with the staff shouting at me that I had to check out and stuff. I was seriously perplexed and started going mental and saying we were booked in for another night, and to check the records for room 431. Problem being I was actually in room 435. I was then encouraged and gently herded back to my own room by some equally amused & horrified hotel staff.

I was properly confused when I woke up and ended up leaving the strangers’ room to go back to ours with a little towel around me. It wasn’t till I got back to our room that my girlfriend noticed that whoever had let me sleep in their room had drawn and written loads of crap on my back in black pen, saying stuff like ‘nice arse’ and ‘thanks for last night you big ride’. By this point 2 of my girlfriend’s mates who had been out with us had come over as she was so freaked out at me being MIA, and they saw me make my grand entrance back into our room. All pretty embarrassing really. Plus I refused to accept all this was my doing as I couldn’t remember anything, so started accusing people of setting me up/leaving me in the room, etc. Played the blame game for about 30 minutes to great amusement before I accepted my fate.

There must be some AMAZING CCTV footage doing the rounds somewhere in the hotel. Pretty sure all their staff will have seen it by now too.

Smart, eh? WINNING.

I would have absolutely loved to have seen him in this state, maybe i’ll find out where he stayed and ask for the CCTV footage. Anyway this made me laugh this morning



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6 responses to “A Little Trouble in Dublin

  1. Phantom_pooer_of_Dublin

    *ahem* – Ashling Hotel…so I hear

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