Bastion Falls by Susie maloney

Now I’m not sure how this book came to be on my book shelf as i don’t really buy or read much horror. The only thing i can think of is a few years ago my brother and i were walking home and found two massive bags of books in a skip. As the Wombles we are, we of course decided to take them home and see what our booty was and lo and behold we had come across a ton of horror books (I’d say about 50 overall) which is pretty good for a find on the street. That said there were three other books in the bags which seemed a little out of place amongst all the horror books: 1) A book on astral meditation (whatever that is), 2) A book on some insanely complicated maths equations and finally 3) Nancy Reagan‘s autobiography. Alas as you can probably tell i haven’t read any of them.

So the other day I’m looking for a book to read and come across Bastion falls by Susie Maloney, which at the time i didn’t realise was a horror book although I should have guessed by the front cover. The book starts with an unusual snow storm hitting the town of Bastion falls taking the towns inhabitants by surprise, leaving many caught without the proper equipment to deal with such a change in weather and circumstances. Many of the town are either stuck at work or school which for the most part is based around the towns Mall but slowly as the storm continues raging it is realised shelter is the most important factor. The trouble is there is something else out there in the storm which is more dangerous than any storm could ever be.

I have to say i enjoyed the book as a whole although i did find the ending rather underwhelming. I really enjoyed how the author wrote in a simple yet descriptive style but I felt the characters in the book could have been developed a little more to give them more depth. A quick read but still enjoyable.




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