Hard Evidence by Mark Pearson

This was the first book i’ve read by Mark Pearson and it was quite a decent read. Featuring DI Jack Delaney who is the stereotypical ‘copper with problems’ who ultimately gets the job done. He’s hard drinking, unconventional, racked with guilt over his wife’s murder and very much a policeman from the old school who sees that the end always justifies the means.

After the body of a prostitute who DI Delaney ‘knows’ turns up you just know that things are going to get considerably worse for DI Delaney before they get any better. And that is indeed what happens. We have DI Delaney roaming around London trying to get to grips with what is going on whilst everything is falling apart around him.

I think DI Delaney would definitely work well on TV but my main problem would be that he doesn’t really cover any new ground. I realise it must be hard to be innovative when you are doing this kind of book as there is a definite formula that people tend to stick to – although there were a couple of decent twists to keep you guessing. I  think Mark Pearson has set out his stall fairly well and i’d read another one of these (assuming there are more DI Delaney stories) to see where he takes the character next and whether he’s got anything original to add to what is definitely an already crowded field of tough-guy detectives.



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