Dog Blood by David Moody

I have just finished reading Dog Blood by David Moody which is the sequel to his book Hater which originally came out in 2006. I really enjoyed the first book – certainly enough to read the second in the series (as i think it’s due to be a trilogy) – although it was self-published and he definitely was in need of a good editor (not that the book was poor just that editorially it needed tidying up somewhat).

Anyway, Dog Blood tells the story of Hater Danny McCoyne (who we followed in the first book as the change happened and the world fell apart) and his mission of survival following the months after the initial outbursts between Haters and Unchanged. Rather than try to explain in my clumsy way or (even worse) give some of the plot away i think it best (and most concise) to quote from the cover blurb:

The world has suffered a catastrophe of unknown cause, dividing humankind into two: the Haters and the Unchanged. Each group believes the other to be the enemy; each group is fighting for survival. Only by working together can the enemy – whoever that enemy is – be defeated. There are no other choices. Danny McCoyne has managed to break free, and after days of indiscriminate fighting and killing, he is determined to make his way home, to recalim the only thing of any value to him in this strange new world: his daughter Ellis.

So we find Danny on a mission to recover his daughter, who’s a Hater too, and try to get by in a very strange new world. Whilst revelling in some gruesome bloodshed and post-apocalyptic action there is definitely something a little more thoughtful to get your teeth stuck into. The whole idea is completely preposterous but strangely compelling. If the Hate came then we certainly would be in a whole world of trouble. With enough twists to keep you on your toes throughout i found this a highly enjoyable read and will definitely be looking to get the final one in the series.


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