I can’t believe it was ever made but this is the trailer for an actual film and here is what IMDB had to say about it:

A half-shark, half-octopus creature created for the military, creates a whole lot of terror in Mexico while a scientist who helped created it tries to capture/kill it.

It also has this to say about the film:

  • Factual errors: Early exposition claims the Sharktopus is for the Navy (presumably the U.S. Navy, given the uniform of the speaker), to go after drug runners. Chasing drug runners is the responsibility of the U.S. Coast Guard, not the U.S. Navy.
  • Factual errors: The Sharktopus has tentacles in place of a shark’s tail fin. An octopus swims using a siphon under its head, not with its tentacles (which are for crawling on the ocean floor). The Sharktopus therefore lacks a means of propulsion through the water.
  • Factual errors: Octopi use their tentacles for grabbing, not stabbing with non-existent spear like points.
  • Factual errors: The Sharktopus makes numerous noises, including roars and squealing. Sharks have no organs for producing sound, and only one (the Draughtsboard Shark from New Zealand) is known to be capable of producing any sort of sound.
  • Continuity: While on the boat, Nathan Sands (Eric Roberts) shouts “Dock this thing” and takes over the helm. The next shot shows the boat continuing to head directly away from land.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): None of the things the Navy commander says are accurate for U.S. military (Department of Defense) research or development projects. No one person has the authority to do the things which this character does or claims to be able to do (expand a contract, cancel a contract, modify testing, approve changes, etc.).
  • Continuity: The size of the Sharktopus, especially the length of its tentacles, varies from scene to scene. Generally it and they tend to get larger.

I think i’m going to have to watch this one even if to only affirm how shit it is.


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  1. Chino

    That look hilarious. Julia Roberts must be real proud of how her bro’s film career has come on in leaps and bounds since Best of the Best.

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